steven hoskins
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15 Years 3:08 minutes
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Submitted on: 11 Jan, 2011
This is a really neat study/experiment. The only thing that would make it better (imo) would be to give it closure, if only temporary (until you create another movie), by showing a BEFORE and AFTER in a final (5 second) shot. | ? | ? |

Ron Ray
Submitted on: 12 Oct, 2010
Intrigued, inspired and definitely mesmerizing!
"A moment in time, a time of moments. A span of eternity, an eternal span of life." I truly think your ferocious persistence in this artform is fascinating to say the least. Well I'm doing a similar daily pic in my own way via a blog, but how I wish I can be as extensive as yours. KUDOS!

Teelip Lim
Submitted on: 21 Feb, 2009
Yes! I like this style.

Marc Lamanna
Submitted on: 10 Jan, 2009
Very nice piece. Like to see the other series!

Bill Donell
steven hoskins: Editing, image effects + sound
With Dan Hanna. Reverse aging transformation of a 15 year self-portrait sequence by Dan Hanna, forming the basis for the movie "StartStop" (2009). Edited in HD. Used is 32 channel split screen asynchrony to create the illusion of flow.
Video artist and designer working from Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Artist Statement
I have spent most of my life as a graphic designer, and recently as a graphic design educator who teaches and practices in video. Much of this work is imbued with formal/visual explanations for the Hermeneutic Circle: the understanding of meaning derived from interrelationships between part and whol.... More

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