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Metropolitan Triangle Garden

Artist: Rui Hu

“Metropolitan Triangle Garden” is an experimental 3D animation, in which carefully preserved classical sculptures in the museum participate in a destructive performance triggered by software glitches, distortions, and misused simulations, turning the gallery space into a madhouse theatre with both classical beauty and digital chaos. It is an attempt to connect the sense of space, history, turmoil, and transformation to the idea of technological sublime.

Rui Hu is an artist and filmmaker born in China and currently living in the United States. Working with 3D animation, video, and photography, he hopes to create poetic experiences that channel some fleeting or buried human emotion. Recently he is exploring alternative meanings for familiar objects and environments, the playful misuse of 3D graphics technology, and the blurred boundary between art and entertainment. He studied literature in China before finishing film school at New York University.

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