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Fiber Affair // Andrea Pecora

Chimera by Steven Briand

Chimera by Steven Briand

Champion // Andrés Passoni.

At Home (with Marisol & Sam) // Nic Koller.

349 // Kristen Lauth Shaeffer.

0:00:06 // Eva Michon.

Squame // Nicolas Brault.

Panderer (Seventeen Seconds) // Gary Setzer.

upCycles // Ariana Gerstein

Chimera by Steven Briand

This program features a collection of work that play with the essentials of filmmaking: time and space. The films seen here effectively show how boundless video art can be, by widening our perspectives within motion film and video.

At Home (with Marisol & Sam) // Nic Koller
Panderer (Seventeen Seconds) // Gary Setzer
349 // Kristen Lauth Shaeffer
upCycles // Ariana Gerstein
0:00:06 // Eva Michon
Champion // Andrés Passoni
Squame // Nicolas Brault
Fiber Affair // Andrea Pecora
Chimera // Steven Briand


Friday November 11, 7pm – 8:45pm | Screening: Temporal Spaces + Q&A | TriBeca

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