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VAEFF 2018 will run for three days between November 8th and 10th at the Tribeca Film Center and DCTV in NYC. The festival will conclude with a gala reception where artists, panelists, and the general public will enjoy food and an open bar.

Tickets are now available!

Beauty, Sex & Shame

For the fifth year, VAEFF will present “Beauty, Sex & Shame”, a program examining the interplay of beauty, sexual representation, and shame as expressed through art, fashion, and music videos. The works span from sexually provocative rebellion in the new digital age to intimate personal encounters with patriarchal and religious dogmas.

Color, Movement & Space

More than a century after the first film was made, artists are still discovering new ways of manifesting through this medium. “Color, Movement & Space” highlights the latest arresting works created among them that push the sensory boundaries for expression through film.

Fashion & Music - Special Selection

Hand-picked by publicist and curator Niccolo Montanari, “Between Fashion and Music” is a celebration of recent video productions ranging from fashion film and commercials to music videos and short films. 



On the Margins

“On the Margins” is a probing selection of films focused on people who do not fit into society’s norms. Each work gives fresh insight into the human spirit via a variety of filmmaking techniques and viewpoints designed to highlight the outsider’s place.



The Olympia Project

The Olympia Project originally debuted in 2015 as an addition to VAEFF’s successful “Beauty, Sex, & Shame” program, but has since expanded and is now an independent project in its own right.

In November 2016, the first event of The Olympia Project took place at VAEFF’s annual closing Gala, where the audience was invited into a reconstruction of an 1850’s brothel and became immersed in an interactive performance with artists, courtesans, and influencers. We are proud to announce that, the host of VAEFF, is now home to The Olympia Project.

VAEFF 2018 Venues
Tribeca Film Center
Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV)

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