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To a broken image

Director: Mikaela Guariniello

Synopsis: “Para una imagen rota” (“To a broken image”) is a poetic representation of the pressure on women to meet beauty standards in today’s society. Through an elaborately choreographed contemporary dance, our fears and unachievable self-expectations are personified. This way we explore and transmit the suffocation and pain society provokes on 21st century women, in a metaphorical way.

Bio: I’m Mikaela Guariniello, a 27-year-old female director. I’m half-Chilean, half-Argentinian, with Italian roots, and I am currently based in Madrid, where I’ve lived since I was 8. I’ve been working in Advertising since 2015 and have directed both commercials and artistic projects in Mexico, London, Barcelona and Madrid.
My work has a strong sense of poetry. I’m deeply interested in exploring and portraying universal emotions through sensory visual language. I like to find beauty in the small details, as well as exploring their profoundness through the camera. I enjoy exploring narrative in different forms, which is why I not only direct but I also write scripts, poetry and short stories. I graduated from the University Carlos III of Madrid in 2015 with a bilingual MA in Film, TV and Media Studies that included an ex-change program with the University of Torino (Italy). I won the Vimeo award at the Sundance Channel Short Contest (European) for my first short film, “A veces viene la tristeza”, which I shot whilst at university. During this time, I also attended various writing courses on poetry and narrative. My collection of short stories, “La Culpa y otros relatos”, was selected by the Festival Eñe (Spain) in the section “Cuatro editores en busca de un autor” (“Four editors in the search of an author”). My scripts have also been selected in a number of pitch contests and festivals. “Talluco” was one of the four scripts selected for the Encuentro Nacional de la Industria del Cortometraje (National Conference of the Shortfilm Industry) when I was 21 years old. My scripts “Los Desgraciados” and “El Viaje” were selected in the Pitching Zone of the Jameson Notofilmfest (Spain) in two consecutive years (2016 and 2017).

Program: Color, Movement & Space – VAEFF 2020

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