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Tulipomania - On the Outside

Directors: Cheryl Gelover & Tom Murray

Synopsis: On the Outside presents intricate torn paper and tape collages, melding live performance footage frame-by-frame with interior and exterior images, in an examination of shifting mental states of focus, directed and animated by band members Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray.

Bio: Tulipomania has alternately been categorized as ‘cult synth punks’, ‘glam-leaning’, ‘postpunk’,
‘art-rock’, and ‘muscular chamber pop’. While band members Tom Murray (lead vocals, bass, drums) and Cheryl Gelover (synthesizer, background vocals) enjoy deciphering efforts to categorize their sound, they decline to offer a specific label of their own. The two first met in Art school, and found themselves collaborating on projects for Experimental Film and Animation classes–Tulipomania grew along with those experiences. Described as “artistic and inventive” (Steve Ricciutti, music videos created by Tulipomania have been featured in film festivals worldwide, most recently including the London Short Film Festival (England), Leeds International Film Festival (England), Aesthetica Short Film Festival (York, England), Encounters (Bristol,England), Zubroffka (Poland), and StopTrik (Croatia, Poland).

Program: On the Edge – VAEFF 2020

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