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blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly - "gfy"

Director: Mat Musto, Tyler Serebreni, John Tashiro

Synopsis: Set in sunny LA, blackbear and his picture-perfect nuclear family live in a charming vintage home, in the middle of a cookie cutter, dreamlike Tim Burton-esque cul de sac. The dark undertones begin when bear starts to notice suspicious things like sketches of someone resembling his neighbor MGK on his morning newspaper, ‘WANTED” ads on the family’s milk cartons, and even on TV! Coinciding with this outside information, bear soon witnesses clues of the mischievous behavior with his own eyes!

Bio: Mat Musto is a musican who goes by the name blackbear. 

Tyler Serebreni is a creative and film director.

John Tashiro Is A Filmmaker In New York.

Program: On The Edge  VAEFF 2022

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