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Director: Lisa Carletta

Synopsis: When being away from the people and things you love is no longer temporary but has become a long-lasting monotony. The world has been asleep for long. What was ordinary doesn’t exist anymore. No memories of a smile, a face, the sound of another voice, the feeling of being touched, the smell of someone else. All forgotten. The desire you felt once turned into fear. Days, months, years pass and they all look alike… until the day after.

Bio: Lisa Carletta is a Belgian Director and artist based between London and Milan. In 2017, she completed a Master in Fine Art at Royal College of Art, London. Recurring themes in Carletta’s work are often taken from her personal life, in which memories of her own experiences take a central role. In doing so, she creates images that are whimsical and colorful, that simultaneously reveal common human insecurities and anxieties. Lisa’s work fabricates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems.

Program: Breaking Point – VAEFF 2020

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