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The Descent

Director: Brandon Mercer

Synopsis: The Descent is a complex and fantastical tale that traverses the precarious aftermath of trauma, how these events shape us and our realities. Follow a sister as she dives headfirst into the distorted mind of her lost brother and the world he has created.

Bio: Brandon Mercer is a director and photographer born in Memphis, Tennessee to Canadian parents. He spent his formative years in Cleveland, Ohio where he found his love for film as an actor. He is now based in Brooklyn, NY. His journey as a filmmaker began in the fashion industry—shooting for publications like W Magazine, Interview, and i-D. Through these endeavors he found passion for the art of storytelling, and the expansive, narrative driven world of filmmaking. He has since shifted focus to issues surrounding mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community. He is working on his connection to others through lived experiences and comfort in the complexities of being human. His first short film, entitled The Descent, is set to be released later this year.

Program: Breaking Point – VAEFF 2020

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