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Director: Luca Spreafico


“I’m scared and feel wrapped in the dark. I’m vulnerable.”

Taking on a more narrative approach to fashion film while staying true to the genre’s strong focus on aesthetics, Alex tells us about a woman reliving and working through a trauma. The film looks at the concept of abandonment during childhood as something that we are likely to take with us into our adult life. Employing a dreamlike scenario, Alex takes on an experimental, movement-led approach as the lead character dives deeply into her subconscious.

Bio: Luca Spreafico is a Milan-based film director and photographer. Born in 1980, over the past ten years he has focused on developing a contemporary and distinctive aesthetic by working with a range of international fashion brands. Attention to detail, creativity, passion and appreciation for all things beautiful define his photography and video work – whether commercial or personal.

Program: Breaking Point – VAEFF 2020

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