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Open Earth

Director: Jeremy von Stilb

Synopsis: Originally created in response to Texas’ anti-abortion laws, the multimedia work was presented within a House of Kenzo performance at the Click Festival in Denmark and within an Abraham Cruzvillegas instillation at the Contemporary Austin. The director and Kenzo revisited the piece after the Texas’ legislature’s renewed efforts to restrict abortion access, reimagining it as a short film for theatrical presentation.

We are currently seeking a world premiere for the theatrical version.

Bio: Jeremy von Stilb is a film maker, event producer, and HIV activist based in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California.

House of Kenzo is a collective of dancers, designers, musicians, choreographers, and multimedia artists from San Antonio, Texas. Using personal examinations to explore diverse motifs, the group has developed a unique contemporary take on how experimental theater informs experimental movement.

Program: Beauty, Sex, & Shame VAEFF 2022

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