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Artist: John JH Lee

Pupa is the story of a boy who is about to begin puberty. His body is ready to make a physical transformation, but in his eyes every grownup is a hideous monster. He fears that he will turn into one of them.


John JH Lee is a motion graphic design director based at Hatch Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His experience ranges from 2D/3D animations, broadcast design, game development to supervising the whole production process for animated shorts. He holds a B.A.H. from Queen’s University, and received top honors at the International Academy of Design and Technology for 3D computer animation and post production programs. For the past decade he has worked as a senior motion designer/ animator at Corus Entertainment and teaches character modeling, rigging, animation and broadcast design in Digital Animation at Centennial College. He has won multiple awards and nominations at Promax BDA. John’s works can be found on his website:

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