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Building on A Detail

Artist: Jonathan Gillie

As part of Jonathan Gillie’s practice, he regularly gathers single frames of images while the work is in progress. One of these frames was the starting point for the composition, “Building on a Detail”. The work is a hybrid of analogue and digital processes. The source material was produced from a series of experiments using an analogue video synthesiser. This involved electronic mark making techniques such as the voltage controlled disturbance of a video signal, as well as the generation of traditional video materials such as color ramps, white noise, image keys, and a variety of video waveforms. The source materials are then edited together, where a further layer of digital manipulation can be added until the final composition is complete.

Jonathan Gillie is an artist and technician based in Nottingham, England. He has been working in Moving Image since 1997, covering video, live video projection, animation and sound. His current practice revolves around a consideration for composition, mark making, and optical phenomena. Incorporating both analogue and digital techniques, his work often involves the construction and deconstruction of geometric shapes and spaces, resulting in heavily detailed and animated compositions. By day, Jonathan works in NTU’s Fine Art Dept as a Senior Technician for Moving Image.

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