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Breaking Rules

Artist: Victor Claramunt

Synopsis: A group of fresh-faced young students at an all-girls boarding school. A new girl arrives. A new friend will teach her how to break the rules set out by their strict headmistress. Rules broken include sharing food in their dorms, swimming in the sea, using cutlery away from their purpose and, of course, wearing amazing shoes. Rules are necessary for the development of a society, if they did not exist we’d miss the pleasure of breaking them.

Bio: Spanish director Victor Claramunt is celebrated for his clever, cinematic, award-winning fashion films. Claramunt began his career as art director, sharpening his creative eye as a director of fashion films. There is a magical feel to everything he shoots. Each piece reflects his unique style – a love of Hollywood cinema and a smart mix of humor, surrealism, action, and drama. His impressive portfolio includes award-winning films for major brands, including Jaguar, Arir France,Roger Vivier,LongChamp, Coca-Cola, PlayStation, Sony Music, Adidas, Andres Sarda, Nestle, and Castrol.


Screened At: VAEFF 2018 as part of the Beauty, Sex & Shame program.

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