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Rebellion NYC

Director: Oliver Würffell

Synopsis: Rebellion NYC portrays the story of one of Berlin’s most iconic and recognisable characters: Sven Marquardt. Directed by New York-based filmmaker Oliver Würffell, the documentary doesn’t focus on Sven’s background as a bouncer at Berghain, but rather on his work as a photographer. Step into Sven’s captivating world, as director Oliver Würffell unveils the raw beauty of his artistic journey.

Bio: Oliver Würffell’s love for filmmaking hasn’t changed since he first picked up his parents’ camcorder. From then on he knew he would be a storyteller. His ability to blend his love of humans, high end brands and film has lead Oliver to work alongside some of the world’s largest brands and biggest names: Audi, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Land Rover, Rimowa, RedBull, Sony, Converse and stars like Neymar Jr., Manuel Neuer, Carlo Ancelotti, Richard Branson, Lewis Hamilton and Marky Ramone.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2023

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