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Director: Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt

Synopsis: Skillfully put together by Ralph-Leonel Galvan and Helen Esther Aschauer’s choreography, which features thrift clothes curated by costume designer Julia Trybula, the video switches between outdoor shots and disco lights, capturing the energy and excitement of the moment. Hildenbrandt, a Vienna-based director, follows the beats and vibe of the music, resulting in a powerful visual experience.

Bio: Marie-Therese is an award winning director and producer from Austria based in London. Her work ranges from fashion films to music videos as well as audio-visual installations and photography. She is combining 10 years of film production experience as a production manager and assistant director on productions like e.g.  007 Spectre with a MA Fashion Media Production from the UAL | University of the Arts London | London College of Fashion. Pairing wide range of commercial production experience with a strong, visual sensibility, a particular interest in the surreal and the experimental allow her to create a versatile and creative body of work. 

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2023

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