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The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3

Artist: Rossina Bossio

The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3 is the latest installment in a series of videos that examine the seductive power of images and the representation of women as a means to communicate and consolidate social norms as well as ideals of beauty and morality. During the 6-minute sequence, the artist portrays eight different characters that represent various aspects of feminine identity. Set against an epic musical score, the characters dance in the middle of a rain forest and in a studio, wearing costumes inspired by catholic iconography, Latin American indigenous attire and contemporary feminine icons. The choreography alternates stereotypical movements of feminine sexuality, such as those found in advertisements, music videos and fashion, with hieratic, violent and animalistic movements. The Holy Beauty Project is a satire of seduction and the arbitrariness of societal behaviors and values among women. It aims examine the constant need for idols and deities and the need to make sense of life’s apparent absurdity.

Rossina Bossio is a multidisciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied visual arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, and fine arts at L’École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, France. Her work deals with gender systems and traditional conceptions of femininity, while examining the construction of feminine identity within modern patriarchal societies and its interrelationship with the representation of women in visual communication.

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