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The Reason

Director: Jonathan Fine

Synopsis: Dressed in nothing but a thong and a see-through dress, Brooklyn-based queer hip-hop artists Saint Ahmad and Prince Harvey mysteriously walk into a vacant clothing store late at night and demonstrate loudly and proudly why they are in fact the reason that your baby mama’s leaving and your baby daddy’s dreaming.

Styled by Saint Ahmad himself, this music video showcases all facets of Saint’s eclectic character–from charming and playful, to narcissistic and erotic–and contrasts (and at times blends) his audacious, transgressive aesthetic with the traditional, chic look of the store.

Shot at the Roni Rabl showroom in NYC’s Fashion District.

Bio: Jonathan Fine is a director, editor, and VFX artist based in NYC. After studying piano and percussion at LaGuardia High School and winning national music competitions, he shifted his focus to filmmaking at Bard College. Since graduating, he has been directing and editing music videos, and creating CGI-based concert visuals for music festivals such as Bushwig and FORMAT.

Program: Color, Movement & Fashion VAEFF 2022

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