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Artist: Diego Agulló & Agata Siniarska

And how we can control this feelings?
And how we can control this feelings?
And how we can control this feelings?
And how we can control this feelings?

I am sorry I intruded on your privacy, I´ll be sure not next time, ok?


Diego Agulló was born in Madrid in 1980 and In 1998, he studied philosophy for 6 years at the university of Madrid where he focused his research on the relationship between art and philosophy. During that time he practiced music improvisation, sculpture and painting. He is a co-founder of En Busca del Pasto, a project for musical improvisation.
In 2005 he moved to Berlin where he worked as a freelance video artist and performer. Diego´s current research deals with the intersection between pedagogy and art, creating contexts for learning and practicing theory across art and philosophy. He teaches at SMASH Intensive training in experimental physical performance and he is one of the facilitators of AFFECT Residency at Agora Collective.

Agata Siniarska’s work deals with the idea of female female impersonation. Having given a chance to different kinds of theatrical forms, currently she studies choreography in Berlin, never forgetting her past experiences and cultivating her yearnings for language and writing, cinema and animation. Addicted to fiction, she conducts her investigations between life/death inside the image and life/death outside the frame, fashioning herself as a tool of visual rhetoric, through the cultural structures inscribed to her. Every image she makes, fueled by the energy of profound theoretical hesitancy, she approaches with passion and intense fascination, acting many times not alone but in the company of some exquisite rascals.

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