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Artist: Nadia Lee Cohen

“The constant pressure of striving for perfection is so familiar in the world we inhabit. In response to homogeneous ideals of beauty I wanted to create a satirical world in which the female inhabitants have pushed their appearances into cartoonish, melodramatic and extreme representations of femininity; yet are still looking to improve themselves even further. This is an entirely personal film, which hopefully subtly exposes the cracks beneath the surface; depicted through music, darting eyes beneath masks and subtle wordplay, these features endeavour to puncture an environment that unless scrutinized appears entirely perfect.”

Nadia Lee Cohen is a photographer, filmmaker and self-portrait artist. Heavily inspired by cinema, Americana and Britain particularly in in the 1960’s and 70’s, Lee’s photographs and films are veritable visions of saturated, surreal dreamscapes.
Drawing upon the duality of the female form, fine art photographer and filmmaker Lee Cohen locks our optics upon the twisted paradise that lurks within her mind, exploring the paradoxical standoff between strength and fragility within womankind.

A GUIDE TO INDULGENCE was Screened at VAEFF 2017 as part of “Beauty, Sex & Shame” program

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