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Director: Nic Murphy

Synopsis: “SPICE ISLANDS is born from the last run-through, a momentary balance between rehearsal and performance. This is a moment that’s not for anybody, not even me, the director sitting on the couch in his apartment watching. It won’t last but then again it’s not supposed to, the audience is on the horizon and they’re still our purpose. But they’re not the purpose right now. Right now is no longer about cooking and it’s not yet about eating. Right now is simply about smelling this deliciously spiced soup of re-ality and dis-reality, reveling in that smell which perhaps all our noses are sniffing for.” – Nic Murphy

Bio: Nic Murphy grew up north of Saint Paul, Minnesota and went to Wake Forest University in North Carolina studying history, film, and theater.
Back to The Twin Cities for 3 years, crewing on music videos, short films, and commercials.
Then Los Angeles, where he has spent the last 5 years full time freelancing between directing, producing, consulting, editing, and photography.
He is most interested in the leadership of positive community, the play between reality/disreality, gender + love in the 21st century, and the connection between live immersive theater and classic filmmaking.


Screened At: VAEFF 2019 as part of the  This Fabulous Fucking Life program

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