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Forged in Chaos

Director: Patricia Gloum

Synopsis: Forged in Chaos is a unique project directed by Patricia Golum. At a crossroad between fashion, digital art, dance and music, this docu-poem-experimental short is a taste of what video content will look, feel and sound like in the near future.

Bio: Patricia Gloum is a filmmaker & creative director and entrepreneur expressing a mishmash of many different ethereal urban influences. She taps in a variety of subjects and uses her multi language to speak to a wide audience. Based in New York City, and raised in Paris by Greek and Spanish parents, her early-on passion and vision with film gradually manifested in pushing the envelope with non-linear forms of story telling, with a sensitivity in shapes and forms. Gloum co-founded Braw Haus and is currently working on projects surrounding digital art for a progressive vision.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2022

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