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Fiber Affair

Artist: Mathery Studio & Andrea Pecora

Synopsis: The sticky roller removes lint and fibers from clothing via adhesive paper, trapping color in the process. What if you get to keep each lint-dirty sticker?
Mathery’s playful examination of this domestic obsession takes place in a colorful daily routine made up of an irresistible set that characterizes our design approach. An impressive, mosaic color palette covers a surface, made with adhesive paper collected over time. Appearing at the end of the video, it will mimic the colors of Mathery’s wardrobe.

Bio: Mathery is an Italian artist duo based in NYC, we work across Art Direction, Photography, Film, Set and Exhibition Design. Exploring creative communication and expression through material, our approach to design seeks to turn the everyday upside down. Mathery’s work blends functionality and fun, pragmatism and humor.

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