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Artist: Steven Briand

Myth-inspired choreography brings dancers together in kaleidoscopic movement inspired by the mythological chimera-a fierce hybrid of a lion and a goat with a snake’s head for a tail-director Steven Briand’s balletic short sees dancers merge three unique movement styles through a single sequence, all choreographed by MIA collaborator Cathy Ematchoua.

“Creating images impossible in real life” is the drive for Steven Briand’s work. His technical choices can go from stop-motion animation to live action and sometimes mix techniques to create original visual worlds. Drawing inspiration from the arts of movement, may it be Asian martial arts, contemporary dance or Parkour, his shorts ‘Shunpo’ and ‘Chimera’, as well as ads for brands like Air Berlin and Givenchy, show the way he visually transcribes his influences and brings his personal style to life.

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