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SON LUX 'Cage of Bones'

Artist: Jean-Paul Frenay

Taking influence from Son Lux’s lyrics, this music video hauntingly juxtaposes the banal with excess, as a perfect critique on the passivity and narcissism intertwined within our relationships to technology and social media.

Jean-Paul Frenay is a Belgian film director and multidisciplinary visual artist. Born in Siegen, he spent his youth in Germany before moving to Brussels to begin his studies. After a specialization in visual effects, he started his career as a flame artist. He took his first steps directing commercials and quickly became known for his ability to mix different techniques, including live action, stop motion, CGI and video mapping. Several of his projects such as the short film ”Artificial Paradise, Inc.”, the collaborative project “Resonance” or his “VW Bluemotion” and “Nike” commercials were featured in numerous international industry leading festivals and publications such as Onedotzero, Stash, IDN, OFFF, Motionographer and Shots. Always looking for challenges, he works as a video artist in performance arts creating visuals and interactive installations for plays, choreographies and experimental work. Jean&Paul always tries to push the limits, change his style and explore beyond boundaries combining storytelling with a strong sense of art direction.

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