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Worldwide VivoBook2022

Director: Leone

Synopsis: No actors and no influencers – only real Gen Z creators, staging their own stories and creations.

Following the success of their first collaboration, Asus, Bollywood, Leone and C41deliver the new Worldwide VivoBook2022 campaign. In line with films, photos and digital content previously released, Leone’s director’s cut portrays the true story of five creative talents, cast from a range of social networks.

Worldwide VivoBook2022 represents the second global campaign shot by C41 for Asus. Shot in Napes (Italy), it’s also the second time the brand has decided to focus on GenZers.

The casting was selected entirely via social media, led by C41’s casting branch Furia which focuses only on social media and street casting. The key element was authenticity, meaning that the talent needed be real professional image makers. As we see in the video, they become the protagonists of their own creations.

Bio: LEONE is an award-winning film director and photographer, born and raised in San Salvo and based in Milan. Though he has lived in a big city for years, LEONE has kept with him and as part of his work a predilection for all those things reminding him of his past and his home. He likes creating extraordinary stories, often with a refined comic twist even in tragedy. LEONE likes nice stories, but mostly he likes to tell them nicely. That’s why in 2010 he started K48, his very own production company based in Milan. In 2016 he became publisher and partner of C41 Magazine. In 2021 C41 magazine and K48 blended their worlds into a company called, a creative production company. LEONE is represented by and Bollywood Productions.

Program: Color, Movement & Fashion VAEFF 2022

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