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The End of Social Distancing

Director: Victor Claramunt San Millán

Synopsis: Since I started making films, many people have asked me about the distance at which I place my talents in all my films. Now, in a quarantine state, I have decided to study it and show everyone, in a funny way , as it is not true that there is a social distance between them.

Bio: Spanish director Victor Claramunt is celebrated for his clever, cinematic, award-winning fashion films. Claramunt began his career as art director, sharpening his creative eye as a director of fashion films. There is a magical feel to everything he shoots. Each piece reflects his unique style – a love of Hollywood cinema and a smart mix of humor, surrealism, action, and drama. His impressive portfolio includes award-winning films for major brands, including including Giorgio Armani, Herbal Essences, Nespresso, Air France, Roger Vivier, LongChamp, Coca-Cola, El Corte Inglés, PlayStation, Sony Music, Adidas, Andres Sardá, Nestle… Claramunt has won the top 5 fashion film festivals, according to Forbes list, among which are La Jolla, Berlin FFF, London FFF, ASVOFF, and Buenos Aires FFF.

Program: Fashion Forward – VAEFF 2020

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