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The Video Art and Experimental Film Festival (VAEFF) this year was filled with thought-provoking films, mind-opening Q & A sessions, and so many talented artists. Starting off with a Kick-Off event at Tribeca Film Center, artists from all over the globe were able to join together and share their art with fellow creatives allowing a collective bond to be created for all participants. Showing off trailers and full films to get excited for the days to come, the Kick-Off event was a magical night of conversation and laughter that created a momentum that carried throughout the rest of the festival. The next two days featured many directors, actors, and producers that were able to speak on the films that were shown. It was an insightful look into how these films were made, the ideas that sparked their creation and the process that took place to get to the finished product screened.

VAEFF 2021 Venues
Tribeca Film Center
Producers Club Theaters

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