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Emotion Inn


Director:Idan Barazani

Synopsis: Emotion Inn holds memories of an old world trying to be preserved in the never ending space. It offers experiences that help understand the meaning of love and how it became distorted over time; how feelings are not an easy task for every life form. No matter the time or place, we’re all bound to the same form of connection, headed in the same way.

In this world that Xander Zhou and our team built, each piece defines a different aspect. It is affected by Xander’s works and aesthetics, and inspired by our mutual interests, varying from art pieces, and world views. We’re fascinated by the future and the tech world, and built a bridge using the old and the new, imagining an evolved dimension that combines them both.


Bio: Idan Barazani – Director and Photographer
Born in Jerusalem in 1993 and started his way
into the arts and photography after finishing high school and just before moving to New York in 2014.
In New York he was exploring and experimenting,
developing his artistic vision, creative ideas and style.
In his time living in abroad he went through some personal turmoil that developed his creative vision and triggered him to create some stylish, violent, and over dramatic scenery
that is heavily Influenced by Japanese animation and hard
core 80’s \ 90’s American and European cinema.
He developed the ability to create exaggerated drama
out of every situation. Based in Tokyo Japan at the moment.




Program: Color, Movement & Space – VAEFF 2021

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