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Love it or Leave it

Artist: Asaf Avidan

With no discretionary text, the lyrics of Love it or Leave it speak on their own.

Asaf Avidan (born 1980) is an Israeli singer/songwriter and musician. He is also the creative force and front-man of folk/rock band Asaf Avidan & the Mojos. Avidan was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1980. His parents were diplomats for the Israeli Foreign Office, and he spent four years of his childhood in Jamaica. After the mandatory army service in Israel, Avidan studied animation at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design. His final project short film, “Find Love Now”, won its category at the Haifa Film Festival that year. After his studies, Avidan moved to Tel Aviv and worked as an animator, a move back to Jerusalem, quit his job lead to a full time dedication to his up until then hobby – music.

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