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Director: Neels Castillon

Synopsis: COMMITMENT is a video artwork signed by Neels Castillon, and co-produced by Mixte Magazine and Motion Palace, featuring 7 young dancers from the Ballet Preljocaj Junior. This project artistically compares Neels Castillon’s obsession with movement, as well as diversity, the concept of commitment and the youth of talents supported by Mixte Magazine since its founding. The talents are expressed against the music of Nils Frahm, Fundamental Values, through a choreography that gives free rein to their personality, their sensitivity, and or struggle.

Bio: This young director and photographer, barely 30 years old, is now one of the most prominent audio-visual artists. Named one of the Young Guns 2018 by ADC/One Club for Creativity, Neels Castillon has drawn attention to himself by creating visually rich and emotionally captivating films in difficult environments, exploring various horizons through the audio-visual: architecture, landscapes, and artists are rendered sublime by his sensitive, contemporary eye.

Program: Color, Movement & Fashion VAEFF 2022

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