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Everybody Knows

Director: Daria Geller

Synopsis: Everybody Knows stands as a statement by a group of artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus all of whom have fled their home countries in the wake of the war. Directed by Russian-Ukrainian filmmaker Daria Geller, Everybody Knows is a short film, a music video and a political action about a terrible reality that many are now too afraid to speak about openly: so long as Russian society remains apathetic to what is being done in its name there can be no peace, and nothing will change. Set to the words of Leonard Cohen, the film shows us what happens when everybody knows, but no one does anything.

Bio: Born and raised in Moscow and based in Tel Aviv, at the age of sixteen Geller made her way into the world of cinema by attending Russia’s preeminent film school VGIK under the lead of renowned cinematographer Mikhail Agranovich. Her work can be defined as honest and raw, seeking to shed light on some of life’s most intimate moments.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2023

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