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The Whirlwind

Director: Julia Ponce Díaz

Synopsis: In three separate homes, people grapple with their isolation from each other and the outside world. Whirlwind is an abstract dance piece in which movement and editing weave together the three spaces in a way that shows their unity.

Bio: Julia Ponce Díaz was born and raised in a small Andalusian town with six churches and no movie theater, but somehow found herself closer to film than to god. So much so that she ended up in Los Angeles, where she just completed her Directing MFA at the American Film Institute thanks to the funding and support of the La Caixa Foundation. Julia’s body of work focuses mostly on exploring the experiences of young women in search of their identity and place in the world, and the relationships that help them in such journeys. She strongly believes that much of our identity doesn’t happen in the reflection in the mirror but in the gaze of others, and her goal is to create narratives that examine the subjective experience that is growing up.

Program: Something is wrong… very wrong! – VAEFF 2023

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