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Echoes of You N.02

Director: Lutz

Synopsis: The film follows a man who is struggling to let go of the memories of his past relationship. In a desperate attempt to forget, he decides to burn a photo of his ex-girlfriend. However, the voiceover is narrated by the girl’s voice, representing the memory of her. She says, “This is not the first time I die,” implying that no matter what he tries to do to forget, she and the memory of her will always be around. The film is an experimental and unconventional exploration of the lingering pain and emotional baggage that can come with a breakup. It is a visually stunning and emotionally charged piece that will leave viewers with a sense of catharsis and a renewed appreciation for the complexity of human relationships.

Bio: Lutz is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist who has worked in the film industry for the last five years. In Brazil, he has mainly acted as a DP and Director in collaboration with major brands like Adidas, Redbull, Siemens, Sony PlayStation and Johnnie Walker for commercials, while also participating and developing short films in a regular basis in projects like “Echoes of You N.02”, “Abissal”, “Burbujas”, “Petita Maleita”, “Psique”, “The Baptism” and “Inner Spaces”. During these last 5 years, Lutz has had his films awarded and screened at over 4 different countries like Brazil, Argentina, England and The United States. Today, Lutz is currently enrolled in ICP (International Center Of Photography), in NYC, until 2024.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2023

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