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mavi / willpower

Director: Sean Breitkreutz

Synopsis: “Willpower” was the first video collaboration with Charlotte abstract rap legend Omavi Minder. We follow Mavi as he recollects memories across the dust of a metaphorical home, caught between the past and future. The paintings provide idealized versions of Mavi, rapping back to him as he dissects who he is and what needs to happen to move forward.

Bio: A graduate of UNCSA in Winston Salem, NC, Sean Breitkreutz spent the better part of his life with some sort of camera in hand. Starting with a VHS camcorder at a young age, he has since then continued to use the craft as a way of understanding the world. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NYC working as a writer, director, and editor.

Program: On The Edge – VAEFF 2023

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