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One Begat Two

Director: Yameng Wang

Synopsis: One begat two is an immersive digital film. The title comes from a concept in Taonism: “One begat two, two begat three, and three begat all things”. The film shows a brief ritual through dance in a staged format: a humanoid clay (prototype) is born and enlightened in a lotus pond. After iterating and learning, the prototype generates its simulacra. After a mirroring dance, they finally reached harmony. This film alludes to the pre-training process of the large language model in artificial intelligence. The special ratio was designed to fit the thesis show exhibition space. During the screening, the image was surrounded on three side walls in a small dark room, giving the audience an immersive experience.

Bio: Yameng is a young and aspiring female director who just graduated. Her journey into the world of filmmaking was unconventional, lacking any professional filmmaking education or training, Instead, it was fueled by a deep and abiding fascination with the power of visual narratives. “One Begat Two” is her first short film.

Program: On The Edge – VAEFF 2023

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