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Artist: Katarzyna Parejko

Wind/Breath is an experimental collaboration of video art and photography, a new photographic video, where every frame expresses a single photograph. It’s an impressionistic approach to the invisible power of air, where wind and breath are the forces that move the world. In the background, we hear the reckless breathing of a man and the voice of a woman singing, representing the wind.

Katarzyna Parejko (born 1991) is a photography student at the Łódź Film School (Poland). She is a third place winner of the Nikon Photo Contest International 2012-2013 in Japan, and also the recipient of the audience award at the Łodzia po Wisle Festival, for her video art piece. Her works have been shown in China, Japan, at Video Art festival in Madrid (Spain) and also at Photography Festival in Copenhagen (Denmark). Her interests in art border on the edge of different medias.

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