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Director: (LA)HORDE

Synopsis: Conceived as an autonomous object, the music video of the track «Room With A View» from Rone’s eponymous album brings a new perspective on the choreographic piece « Room With A View ». Shot just before the theaters close, it is like a last rave before the Apocalypse.
The film is conceived as a magnetic storm. The wind is blowing in the Théâtre Châtelet. Violently torn from her armchair, a spectator is propelled to the center of the stage. Rone, sitting aside, watches the bodies whirl around. As the storm rages on, he rushes towards the emergency exit and everyone rushes after him. This destructive hurricane sweeps away all the remnants of a dying world. Rone’s music propels the dancers in a frantic race through all the places of the theater (stage, backstage, corridors, roofs) until a new horizon opens up to them.
In this music video format, (LA)HORDE questions and explores corporality with even more violence and strangeness. The video and motion capture allow us to represent the unimaginable, to push the limits of bodies to offer allegorical forms and new ways of moving.

Bio: Since 2013, (LA)HORDE brings together the artists Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. This collective of choreographers and visual artists, who took on the direction of the Ballet national de Marseille in 2019, has always developed a collaborative project with several online communities that has given rise to several multidisciplinary and cross-community creations.
Through films and performances (Novaciéries, 2015; The Master’s Tools, 2017; Cultes, 2019), and choreographic pieces (To Da Bone, 2017; Marry Me in Bassiani, 2019; Room With A View, 2020), (LA)HORDE interrogates the political component of dance and maps diverse choreographic forms of popular uprising, transitioning from raves to traditional dances, as well as jumpstyle. Their exploration of the new dynamics of circulation and representation of dance and body that develop online led them to work on the concept of “post-internet dances”. In 2021, with the Ballet national de Marseille they also invited for a mixed program choreographers Lucinda Childs, Tania Carvalho, Lasseindra Ninja and Oona Doherty – each embodying their own iconic, inclusive and engaged conception of dance. By diversifying formats, (LA)HORDE questions the almost infinite serendipity that this new territory provides and proposes multiple perspectives on the uprisings of the communities with whom they work in a heterarchical way.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2021

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