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“I enjoy curating content partly because I get to screen some of my latest favourite pieces. But it also gives me the time to reflect over what I have experienced recently and share my questions, thoughts and conclusions through my selection. As we all know, this year has been a particularly challenging one. We have all been affected by what is happening; we’ve learnt just how fragile our society truly is and that perhaps we had become too complacent with the way we were living. This year’s curation at Video Art and Experimental Film Festival is an expression of the zeitgeist seen through the eyes of talented directors working across music videos, fashion films and short films.”  – Niccolo Montanari

Gaetana // Arnaud Giacomini
The Three Building Blocks // Miguel Thomé & Fernanda Pompermayer
Yoshi Funabashi // Mattia Ramberti
Momoni-Fenice SS21 // Giulia Achenza
Toke // Nono
Husky-Never Ever // Evgenii Bakirov
Sting Like a Bee // Leone
The Pitch // Eno Freedman
mother_land // Amaal Mustafa
Room With A View // (LA)HORDE
Non So Dove, Ma Insieme // Luca Finotti
Buoy // David Magnier
Somebody // Jordan Blady
Limbic // Jordan Findlay

Gaetana // Arnaud Giacomini

Husky – Never Ever  // Evgenii Bakirov

Non So Dove, Ma Insieme // Luca Finotti

The Three Building Blocks // Miguel Thome & Fernanda Pompermayer

Sting Like a Bee // Leone

Buoy // David Magnier

The Pitch // Eno Freedman

Somebody // Jordan Blady

Yoshi Funabashi  // Mattia Ramberti

Momoni – Fenice SS21 // Giulia Achenza

mother_land // Amaal Mustafa

Limbic // Jordan Findlay

Toke // Nono

Room With A View // (LA)HORDE feat. the music of RONE with the dancers of Ballet National de Marseille

Curated by Niccolo Montanari, a curator of VAEFF – Video Art & Experimental Film Festival

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