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My love is epiphyllum

Directors: Maxett Pribylov

Synopsis: My video has the spirit of the first pure love. The video “my love is epiphyllum” Lat. (your love is flower) tells about the summer dreams of lovers, when mutual care is metaphorically represented as the care of a person for a houseplant. I chose the form of a science fiction film for my video. The voiceover used in the video is a plant care instruction from a gardening book. The sound is made by the voice of Siri. Perhaps this work will be useful to the viewer in such difficult time in the world.

Bio: Maxett Pribylov (photographer, fashion video director, clip maker, makeup artist, artist). He began his career as a make-up artist. He works on the launches of world music videos, cats, beauties and monsters, numerous shootings of music videos. Developed stage images for artists. Gradually, interest in photography arose. He graduated from the fashion media photographer’s course in Photoplay, the fashion video directing course, Wardshop Academy, and the MOMA School of Contemporary Art. Works at the junction of fashion and contemporary art. Of particular interest is working with the theme of physicality through color and plastic rhythms. Through which he builds a dialogue with the viewer. Each work has a specific statement that touches on topics of concern to the author. In his works, Maxett attaches particular importance to the creation of a holistic image, which is formed by a complex of techniques and methods from makeup to compositional decision of the frame.

Program: Fashion Forward – VAEFF 2020

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