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Angèle — Jalousie

Director: Neels Castillon

Synopsis: You might not have heard of Belgian singer Angèle yet, but we imagine that you will. The stunning, humor-inclined 22-year-old blonde brings to mind young Taylor Swift and ’90s Mandy Moore–only better. (The snobbiest of us won’t need to feel quite as guilty for indulging.) Her video for “Jalousie,” directed by Neels Castillon & Léo Walk, is a strange blend of interpretive dance and old music video tropes. There’s writhing, mirrors, and some room that looks like the location for a UN meeting in space. Angèle and her companions feel as though they’ve gotten lost on someone else’s set and have decided to make the most of it until someone kicks them out.

Bio: Neels Castillon is a Paris based film director & photographer. Named one of the 2018 Young Guns by the ADC/One Club for Creativity, Neels’s style is a refreshing combination of strong visuals and pure storytelling. He has directed award-winning shorts, music videos, feature documentaries and brought his love for creative challenges to top brands including Lacoste, Hermès, Nikon or Puma. He also co-founded Motion Palace a creative studio, producing original content for brands, agencies and the arts.


Screened At: VAEFF 2019 as part of  Between Fashion and Music program curated by Niccolo Montanari

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