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Let's Get Crazy

Director: Jonathan Fine

Synopsis: In the music video for “Let’s Get Crazy,” the spotlight shines on queer club icon Saint Ahmad and ballroom legend Lolita Leopard as they channel the ecstatic energy of NYC nightlife. Set against the backdrop of Bushwick’s renowned Paragon club, the video is a sensorial whirlwind of dance, seduction, and fantasy– capturing the intoxicating, empowering sensations of releasing inhibition and commanding attention through unapologetic self-expression. The video also marks Saint’s debut in drag, enriching the visual feast with layers of social transgression and self-discovery.

Bio: Jonathan Fine is a Brooklyn-based director, editor, VFX artist, and musician. His journey from studying dance at El Museo del Bario, to piano at LaGuardia High School, to film production at Bard College has deeply shaped his holistic, multidisciplinary approach to art. He has won national piano competitions and film awards, and his work has been featured in publications such as Nylon, Wonderland, Earmilk, and Cultr. Since graduating college in 2021, Fine’s directing/editing work has spanned dance-based music videos, cutting-edge CGI concert visuals, and impactful promotional content for organizations such as the Gates Foundation.

Program: Beauty, Sex & Shame– VAEFF 2023

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