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Director: Marco Santi

Synopsis: A chef teaches his young colleague how to dance to prepare him for a very special date.

Bio: Marco Santi(he/him) is an Italian author and director born in 1990. Passionate about cinema, he makes short films and music videos. He loves to travel and write stories of ordinary incommunicability. He has carried out projects around the world for various brands including National Geographic and Green Peace. With “Clara” in 2015 he won the international festival “48filmproject”, winning six prizes including “Best Short Film” and “Best Director”. In 2017 he wrote and directed “The Gravitational Attraction of Professor D.”, a short film presented in world premiere at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in the Young Italian Authors section and starring Fabrizio Ferracane. In 2019 he shoot the video clip “Missed” for MAKAI which is selected at the Young Director Awards in Cannes. He has directed music videos for Lo Stato Sociale, Nother, Jake La Furia, Bachi da Pietra, and The Bluebeaters.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2022

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