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Fiber Affair | 3 min 3 sec.
Artist: Mathery Studio & Andrea Pecora

The sticky roller removes lint and fibers from clothing via adhesive paper, trapping color in the process. What if you get to keep each lint-dirty sticker?
Mathery’s playful examination of this domestic obsession takes place in a colorful daily routine made up of an irresistible set that characterizes our design approach. An impressive, mosaic color palette covers a surface, made with adhesive paper collected over time. Appearing at the end of the video, it will mimic the colors of Mathery’s wardrobe.

Mathery is an Italian artist duo based in NYC, we work across Art Direction, Photography, Film, Set and Exhibition Design. Exploring creative communication and expression through material, our approach to design seeks to turn the everyday upside down. Mathery’s work blends functionality and fun, pragmatism and humor.

Artist: Asa Riton, Andreas Emenius

Shot in Copenhagen, the video captures a chance meeting between a boy and a girl, set in an uncanny supermarket amongst washing powder, peanut butter and Dolphin cereals. A destructive love story between a girl and her prey, involving a text message gone wrong, naked shoppers, eggs and raining money.

Asa Riton
Asa’s aim in life is to merge art and film. Her visual language is experimental and unique, pushing the boundaries of the conventional, bringing it into a world of her own. Her second aim in life is world domination of course.
Asa comes from a strong artistic background, with degrees from both Central St Martins and The Danish Film School. Her work has been shown at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, Helsinki Short Film Festival, Kulturhuset Stockholm and The London Institute of Contemporary Arts.
When she’s not filming David Lynch, The Knife or Henrik Vibskov, Asa directs commercials, music videos and documentaries.

Andres Emenius
Anders is a Swedish artist, based in Copenhagen. He creates semi-figurative paintings, drawings and hulking figures in plaster, wood and iron, as well as suggestive videos that are often composed of installations and live performances.
He has been apart of collaborations with Swedish and Danish musicians, singers and dancers, and is also a founding member of the ongoing collaboration Vibskov & Emenius ( with Danish designer Henrik Vibskov. This collaboration has so far resulted in ‘The Fringe Projects’ and ‘The Circular Series’ – fifteen works in form of installations, objects, performances, video and self-portraits, that have been presented internationally since 2007.
Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 1999, he has had solo shows at Schunck Museum, Holland, Galleri Bon and Jonas Kleerup Gallery, Stockholm and WAS Gallery in Copenhagen since then. Furthermore, he has participated in group shows at Vegas Gallery in London, The Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, Gwangju Biennale in South Korea and Curitiba Biennale in Brazil, amongst others.
Emenius is the Co-founder, together with Jacob Valdemar, of NORDIC CONTEMPORARY – a new art space situated in a 160m2 apartment at Republique, Paris. It serves as a platform for contemporary art by Scandinavian artists. (

Eating MakeUp | 3 min 15 sec.
Artist: Seth Bogart & JJ Stratford

Telefantasy Studios presents a colorful parody on an obsession with cosmetics and makeup.

JJ Stratford
Stratford produces new and innovative forms of media ranging from music videos to audio-visual performances, installations, and augmented reality experiences.
Her work has been exhibited, broadcast, and screened internationally at MoCA Geffen Contemporary, The Getty, Cinemarfa, CPH:DOX, The Museum of the Moving Image, The New Beverly Cinema, Storefront for Art & Architecture, BAM Cinématek, Cinefamily, and on public access stations across the United States, and various exhibitions in Cyberspace.
She is the recipient of 2016 Mike Kelley Foundation Artist Grant. Show opens October 15,2016 at Coaxial Los Angeles.

On Time //// | 6 min 45 sec.
Artist: Melanie Jame Wolf

On Time //// is a video monologue written and performed by Melanie Jame Wolf for her solo theatrical work, MIRA FUCHS. Here, Wolf’s uses her own experience of working as a stripper in Melbourne, Australia for eight years to invite audiences to actively and critically reflect upon their own position on performative intimacy, dance as labour, and gendered economies of desire. In On Time ////, the temporalities of working as a dancer and of nightlife culture are explored. The piece is interested in the perceived temporal perils and pleasures of becoming, being, and having been, a stripper and/or a patron of strip clubs.

Melanie Jame Wolf is an Australian born artist who makes work about love, gender, economies, and ghosts of many forms – sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. This work is always performance based and increasingly incorporates video, film, and the screen as performance objects or spaces. Often working under the name Savage Amusement, she has presented work in various contexts including: Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art; HAU – Hebbel Am Ufer; Sophiensaele; NGBK; Hitparaden Festival of Performance Art & New Theatre; & FOLA – Festival of Live Art. In January 2015 she premiered the solo performance work, MIRA FUCHS at Tanztage Berlin. This piece has since been presented in festivals in Europe and Australia including: My Body is My Business, Berlin; Antistatic Festival, Sofia; Buzzcut, Glasgow; and Body Talk at the Münchner Kammerspiele. Melanie Jame holds a Master of International Performance Research from University of Helsinki and lives and works in Berlin.…all for your Savage Amusement.


PEDAZOS | 8 min 49 sec.
Artist: Alejandro Peña 

After being held captive, two lovers are punished in an elaborate ceremony and condemned to live with flying creatures in a cavern.

Alejandro Peña is an experimental filmmaker born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Restless and tangential, his depictions of past life, fears and fascinations ache to tell erratic stories through symbolically feverish messes. Alejandro’s body of work includes a stop motion music video for electronic duo ODESZA, a five minute planetary catastrophe featured at the 2014 Slamdance Film Festival, a recollection of a mother’s love and fear of death, and his most recent and extravagant film PEDAZOS.



Will they ever put the light on | 13 min 24 sec.
Artist: Alice Biletska

In the middle of nowhere two hungry souls meet. Riotous and savage Anna leads her to adventures uncovering her nature. Reckless in her discovery, Maria finds God through love and loss.

Alice Biletska is a young director, actress and art historian. Based in Ukraine, she did her studies abroad, including Paris and Minneapolis.
She is interested in different art forms – literature, videography and cinematography, as well as contemporary visual art. Since 2009 she worked as a freelance curator and journalist. In 2013 she directed her first avant-garde theatre play, in 2014 started directing movies and video-art projects.



PEEP SHOW | 7 min 34 sec
Artist: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

PEEP SHOW is a private journey into the world of eroticism.
The viewer, as if spying through the keyhole, witnesses a personal show in which art is the object of desire. The most beautiful erotic icons of the classical period wink and show themselves off in an atmosphere charged with sexual tension. During which the audience discovers their eternal power in transforming voyeurism into a triumphant sublime act.

Over the years, Tagliafierro has been an art director, visual-artist, graphic designer, animator and 2D compositor video to realize video art, commercials, short films, fashion-video, video-mapping, video projections and interactive installations for exhibitions, museums and special events.
His commercial work portfolio includes: Coke, Adidas, Samsung, BMW, Lancia, Citroen, Pirelli, Bvlgari, MTV USA and Comfort Zone. In 2015 with the ADV “Untouched” for Coke won the Gold Award at the LIA AWARDS 2015 in London and the CLIO Award at NY-CLIO Festival.
He also created music videos for major artists such as Four Tet, Stumbleine, Digitalism, M+A, ORAX, Fabri Fibra, Morgan About Wayne and Optogram.
In 2013 he cofounded the studio KARMACHINA, during which he produced the video installation for the opening ceremony of the Yerevan Golden Apricot Film Festival 2014 and the art direction of the Tree of Life evening show at Expo 2015.
His work has been apart of several contemporary art exhibitions in Milan, New York, Paris, Sapporo, Moscow, Berlin, receiving international awards in many animation, shortfilm and experiamental festivals, including Short Film Corner Cannes, Festival d’Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand Short Festival, Rooftop Film New York City, Sapporo Short Fest e Milano Film Festival.

TAME IMPALA ‘The Less I Know The Better’ | 5 min 42 sec.
Artist: CANADA

This music video is a love triangle inspired by the title and lyrics of the song. But it is not the typical story of teenage love .. everything revolves around a basketball player, his girlfriend “Cheerleader” and the team mascot, Trevor.

CANADA is an audiovisual &  producing collective based in Barcelona, Spain. CANADA’s filmmakers have directed and produced commercials and music videos since 2008. Our collective works worldwide and is represented by The Directors Bureau in the USA and by Iconoclast in France.

SON LUX ‘Cage of Bones’ | 4 min 15 sec.
Artist: Jean-Paul Frenay

Taking influence from Son Lux’s lyrics, this music video hauntingly juxtaposes the banal with excess, as a perfect critique on the passivity and narcissism intertwined within our relationships to technology and social media.

Jean-Paul Frenay is a Belgian film director and multidisciplinary visual artist. Born in Siegen, he spent his youth in Germany before moving to Brussels to begin his studies. After a specialization in visual effects, he started his career as a flame artist. He took his first steps directing commercials and quickly became known for his ability to mix different techniques, including live action, stop motion, CGI and video mapping. Several of his projects such as the short film ”Artificial Paradise, Inc.”, the collaborative project “Resonance” or his “VW Bluemotion” and “Nike” commercials were featured in numerous international industry leading festivals and publications such as Onedotzero, Stash, IDN, OFFF, Motionographer and Shots. Always looking for challenges, he works as a video artist in performance arts creating visuals and interactive installations for plays, choreographies and experimental work. Jean&Paul always tries to push the limits, change his style and explore beyond boundaries combining storytelling with a strong sense of art direction.

at-homeAt Home | 5 min 56 sec 
Artist: Nic Koller

For the past two years LA-based artist, Nic Koller, has been developing the live-action animated style used in At Home (with Marisol & Sam) – a collage, cubism fusion shot on multiple iPhone 5’s. This experimental narrative features Sam & Marisol, a loud, eccentric and loving couple, and their home in the LA neighborhood of Highland Park. Within this piece, they explore modern relationships and the concept of “home” through a cracked digital lens.

Nic Koller is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring the boundaries of collage in video, painting & installation. His depictions of people and places focus on the context of everyday lives and often involves the use of narratives and storytelling. Nic Koller has exhibited his videos in New York & LA, where his experimental narrative, Estevan ♥’s Koreatown, is currently part of the nightly video program at Monkey Town 7 Los Angeles.


campeonChampion | 8 min.
Artist: Andrés Passoni

Every Sunday greyhound fans take their passion to the dog tracks. Attracted by big bets, spectators gather to watch the animals and their chosen favorites, with the hopes of winning the grand prize within this experimental documentary.

Andrés Passoni was born in May 13 1988, in Pergamino, Buenos Aires province and he holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Palermo. For two years he was Production Assistant in TODO CINE S.A, production company of director María Victoria Menis, and now he works as a Production Coordinator in Implementar Films. His first short Piscina, completed in 2011, represents his professional foray into the genre of experimental documentary short. It was televised on Argentinian television channel INCAA TV and FESAALP TV (La Plata Channel SLP). It also toured national and international festivals, earning a mention in FESTIVAL AUDIOVISUAL SUCESOS AMBIENTALES, selected for competition in MARFICI, FESAALP, GREEN FILM FEST and FENACO PERÚ, and projected in the FESTIVAL DE CORTOS PENCA and in the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires at the Alliance Francaise in Video Art Cycle “Species of Spaces.” Try Me, his second short completed in 2012 continues to explore within the experimental genre. Champion, his third short film completed in 2016 is an experimental documentary that shows the exciting world of greyhound races.


349 | 3 min 10 sec.
Artist: Kristen Lauth Shaeffer

Created with hundreds of pencils and hundreds of hands, 349 is a collaborative animated film that explores the idea that we’re all imperceptibly connected. A dance performance that explores relationships was recorded and converted into a series of still frames. 349 different people each redrew one of these frames to represent themselves and someone with whom they have an important connection. The resulting drawings were scanned, sequenced, and synced to music to create the short animated film.

Kristen Lauth Shaeffer lives and creates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she is an Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Technology at Chatham University. She has received film project grants from The Heinz Endowments, The Pittsburgh Foundation, and Pittsburgh 250 Community Connections. Interested in family, tradition, and identity, Kristen works in a variety of genres. Her short films have screened at Athens International Film + Video Festival, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles and New York, Big Muddy Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, Indie Memphis Film Festival, and other national and international festivals.


00:00:06 | 3 min 12 sec.
Artist: Eva Michon

Film comprised of six-second clips taken from an iPhone.

Eva Michon is a Polish-Canadian filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She is best known for her work in music videos and fashion films, and is currently working on her first feature-length narrative.



Nulla | 4 min 11 sec.
Artist: Delfina Mayer

Through the art of Shibari, a human body is intervened to explore its architecture. What’s seen is a progression of intimate moments changing into different states resulting in kinetic body sculptures.

Delfina Mayer was born in 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Cinematography at the National School of Cinematographic experimentation and realization (ENERC) and did several seminars on art history and aesthetic. In 2012 she moved to Berlin, Germany to work as a colorist for films and has been based there since. In 2014 she began to explore the world of BDSM and experimental filmmaking.


upcyclesupCycles | 7 min.
Artist: Ariana Gerstein 

Cycling from super 8mm to 16mm, 35mm, down again to 16mm, optically printed, hand processed and then optically printed again using a digital still camera to end on digital video. Images from a Chicago elevated train, Museum of Science and Industry, and nature surrounding Lake Michigan are collected and combined frame by frame. The title refers to cycles in time (repetition), nature , and in the art making process (recycling/revising/rethinking/etc). The film process began in 1993 (Cycles) and was remembered and re-concieved digitally in 2015.16

Ariana Gerstein, works in experimental and experimental documentary forms. Her films have been screened and awarded prizes at festivals worldwide including International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, European Media Arts Festival in Germany, Media City in Canada, New York Film Festival, SXSW in Texas. She has presented at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, San Francisco Cinematheque, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Pacific Film Archives in Berkley, and other locations. Her work has been awarded grants by New York Council for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship. Her experimental documentaries Alice Sees The Light (a poetic meditation on light pollution) and Milk in The Land (an essay film on attitudes towards milk consumption as a mirror on evolving American values) were nationally broadcast on the award winning P.B.S. series P.O.V. (Point of View). She teaches at the State University of New York at Binghamton in the Department of Cinema.


pandererPanderer (Seventeen Seconds) | 17 sec.
Artist: Gary Setzer

In this alarmingly short artwork, Setzer directly addresses his audience. Using a self-reflexive format and humor, he calls attention to the average amount of time viewers spend with an artwork in museums—seventeen seconds. While video art relies on the dimension of time as a critical component for the delivery of its meaning, Setzer designed this artwork to pander to the unrealistic needs of the “average viewer,” in a move that simultaneously lampoons society’s impractical expectations of the art experience.

Gary Setzer’s transdisciplinary practice incorporates performance art, video art, sound, and installation. Enlisting familiar landmarks like the body, the landscape, minimalism, and humor as entry points, Setzer lures his audience into his conceptual framework—a theoretical space centered on our compulsory entanglements with language. Setzer received his MFA from Ohio University and his BFA from The University of Akron. His works have been included in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. He has performed, exhibited, and screened work in venues such as the Wexner Center for the Arts, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, Mobile Museum of Art, Boston Center for the Arts, Tucson Museum of Art, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. In 2012, Setzer released the soundtrack for his performance, Supralingual/Sublingual: The Tongue is the Terrain, on the independent label Pretend Records. From 2010 until 2015, Setzer was awarded the Louise Foucar Marshall Professorship. This five-year endowed chair position recognized Setzer’s contributions to the field and was funded by the Marshall Foundation. He currently lives and works in Tucson where he is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Arizona.

birthBirth | 2 min 6 sec.
Artist: Amelie Hegardt

A modern myth explaining where penises come from.

Amelie Hegardt is an artist, fashion illustrator & animator.
Her latest fashion film was screened at Centre Pompidou last December at the ASVoF Festival and it was nominated for best experimental film at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival this year. Her fashion illustrations are represented and sold by FIG, Fashion Illustration Gallery.


squameSquame | 5 min 0 sec.
Artist: Nicolas Brault

Squame explores the body’s sensitive envelope, the skin. The ephemeral animated desquamations, created with the help of sugar casts, evoke fragile landscapes in a world at the edge of abstraction. Somewhere between archeological artifacts and macroscopic observations, the friable frontiers of these human bodies elude our gaze.

Born in 1975 in Montreal, Nicolas Brault is a graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal in graphic design. He won the National Film Board of Canada’s Cinéaste recherché(e) contest in 2000, allowing him to direct the film Antagonia, which was screened at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival and at CINANIMA, where it picked up an award. He then explored Inuit culture with his short film, Islet (2003), as well as African oral traditions with Hungu (2008). In his film, The Circus (2011), which was nominated for Best Animated Film at the 37th César Awards, Brault depicts his memories of the death of his mother. Since 2012, he developed a series of short non-narrative films and immersive projections around the human body. From this series, Foreign Bodies (2013) won the “Off – Limits” award at the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival in 2014.


Chimera | 1 min 37 sec.
Artist: Steven Briand 

Myth-inspired choreography brings dancers together in kaleidoscopic movement inspired by the mythological chimera-a fierce hybrid of a lion and a goat with a snake’s head for a tail-director Steven Briand’s balletic short sees dancers merge three unique movement styles through a single sequence, all choreographed by MIA collaborator Cathy Ematchoua.

“Creating images impossible in real life” is the drive for Steven Briand’s work. His technical choices can go from stop-motion animation to live action and sometimes mix techniques to create original visual worlds. Drawing inspiration from the arts of movement, may it be Asian martial arts, contemporary dance or Parkour, his shorts ‘Shunpo’ and ‘Chimera’ as well as ads for brands like Air Berlin and Givenchy show the way he visually transcribes his influences and brings his personal style to life.


The Act [is done] | 4 min 36 sec.
Artist: Bonnie Lane

This video documents a postcoital interaction that occurs between the artist and an unidentified male character within her studio. Opening with a running timecode that reads 00:21:09, the video indicates that there were 20 minutes of preceding footage the audience has not seen. What is shown is the aftermath of an implied sexual event between two characters.
Discretely filmed from the artists laptop using Photo Booth, the footage is left raw and untampered, placing the audience in the awkward position of having to question if the video is autobiographic documentation or fiction? Was the video staged or natural? What does it mean to ‘perform’ in ones own life, as the characters of you? The viewer becomes an unwilling active participant in the ethical and moral debate surrounding consent, authorship, and exploitation as they grapple with the decision of which character with whom they choose to identify and trust.

Australian-born, New York based interdisciplinary artist Bonnie Lane has received grants and awards from the Rudin Foundation, American-Australian Association, Australia Council for the Arts, National Association for the Visual Arts, and the City of Melbourne. She has held solo exhibitions in New York at 80WSE Gallery and AC Institute, and in Melbourne at Anna Pappas Gallery, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, and BUS Projects. She has participated in artist-in-residence programs in Norway, Portugal, South Korea and the USA, including the Seoul Museum of Art and the Vermont Studio Center.
She has exhibited work at Chasm Gallery, Brooklyn; the Seoul Museum of Art Nanji Gallery; Art-Athina, Athens; MoCA Taipei; Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania; 91mq Project Space, Berlin; YouYou Gallery, Guangzhou, China and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, New York, among others. Bonnie Lane is a 2016 MFA graduate from New York University and received a BFA from Victorian College of the Arts and an Honors Degree from Monash University. 

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