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A Harmony of Touch: The High-Five, Handshake, and Hug

A Harmony of Touch // Kristyna Archer

Director: Kristyna Archer

Synopsis: Human connection thru physical touch are as critical to our survival as a species as is the air that we breathe. Standing the test of time, these visceral, bodily, mortal connections remind us we are still alive. Synchronicity being the master. Firmness being the gauge. Vulnerability being the superpower. Without them, we are powerless. I leave you with, the undeniable forces of nature found in the hive five, handshake, and hug.

Bio: Kristyna Archer is an award-winning director with a passion for creating thought-provoking and visually compelling work through a lens of stylized realism. She grew up outside of Detroit, spent a decade in Chicago, and currently splits time between LA & NYC. Her work explores the surreal and the absurd, with a proclivity towards irony, infused in her vibrant stylized worlds. Concepting from her keen eye for design and quirky point of view with access to an abundantly curious imagination, there’s never a dull moment on set.

Kristyna Archer is a director who strives to bring levity into the everyday, empower underrepresented voices, & bring sustainable zero-waste practices into film production.

Program: Color, Movement & Fashion VAEFF 2022

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