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Director: Reece Daniels

Synopsis: A film about false connection in the modern world, Bongo is an abrasive dance film about a homeless bongo player and a mysterious man who appears to take an interest in his rhythm.

Bio: Reece Daniels is a director and producer based in NYC who is drawn to stories and visuals that are bold, exciting, and provocative. He has directed and produced numerous short films and music videos alongside Emmy®-winning producers and burgeoning artists. His work has screened at Canadian Screen Award®-Qualifying film festivals and other prestigious festivals globally. His work has been featured on Directors Notes, Beyond the Short, Argo, Shorted, Post Magazine, the Bureau of Creative Works & Retrospective of Jupiter. Reece is currently co-CEO of Kairon Pictures, LLC., and currently studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, pursuing an undergraduate BFA in Film & TV Production.

Program: Do You Hear Me?  VAEFF 2022

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