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In Perfect Skin

In Perfect Skin // Yining Zhou

Director: Yining Zhou

Synopsis: Body marks are physical museums that can be linked to a person’s sorrows and struggles. Each mark can be a threat to both the body and the mind, impacting on personal dressing choices and self-esteem. How to reconcile with them is one of the most pressing propositions in our lives. 

Through this fashion film, the director is aiming to provide diverse methods to accelerate reconciliation to those Chinese women who are suffering from this condition are no longer isolated and helpless. It is also to aims to break the public taboo of skin conditions and reach the possibility to discuss it openly.

Bio: Yining Zhou is a director, and also works as a creative director and production designer. Yining is currently interested in skin and body positivity, capturing the beauty of the body from a uniquely female director’s perspective. She often explores the various shapes and possibilities of skin and combines them with sound to express inner sensations.

Program: Beauty, Sex & Shame – VAEFF 2023

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