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Partnership Programming Opportunities

In celebration of its 10th year, The Video Art and Experimental Film Festival now Expanding its effort to screen its selections to a broader audience more than ever before. VAEFF 2020 will continue to run at Tribeca Film Center and DCTV, and also Reaching out for Screening Partners to host VAEFF 2020 Screening and festival-related events.
How does it work?
NYC Base Partners:
  1. Organizations can apply on to become Screening partners
  2. Premium VAEFF screening partners that are NY base will not pay any fee but commit to run VAEFF programs at there Venue on festival dates.
  3. will coordinate with partners the event promotion and Tickets Sales for screenings.
National and International Partners:
  1. VAEFF is welcoming National and International screening partners
  2. screening partners will have to meet the quality Of Video and Sound standards of VAEFF.
  3. VAEFF does not charge for the content, but partners would pay Facilitation Fee for the screenings($100 per hour of minimum 10 hours).
  4. National and International Partners would handle there own Ticket sales.
Frequently Asked Questions:

is my organization or venue can apply for VAEFF Partnership?

any organization or venue that can host screening or VAEFF events could aply for partenrship

What are the benefits and responsibilities of becoming a VAEFF Partner?

Joining VAEFF’s partneship program  your organization will benefit from VAEFF boundary-pushing Curated Programs. VAEFF takes the task of evaluating its Partners very seriously, and Being part of the programe comes with the responsibility of maintaining the highest integrity and professional standards.

What are the Types of a VAEFF Partners?

Vaeff will partner with Organizations such as Museums, Galleries, Universities, Cinemas and screening rooms. But VAEFF also welcome Small venues such as Private lofts and studios that can host a small event.

How To apply?

Please submit to our online partenrship aplication and we will come back to you shortly

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