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Directors: Terence McGlade & Hayden Currie

Synopsis: Business man awaiting subway train is accosted by stranger and is almost thrown onto tracks. A small group of bystanders gather around the fight and thru their watching convey disapproval and the attacker suddenly stops and runs away. As the train pulls in the bystanders enter the train leaving the bereft and stunned man on the platform


Terence Mcglade worked in video art in the 70’s became a TV director in the 80s. For 35 years he was an award winning landscape designer. He returned to filmmaking in 2015 and has produced & directed two shorts, Repeat and Portrait of Rosemary, that have been shown at 6 film festivals.

Hayden Currie is a freelance director/cinematographer. He began his career in 2005. He later self-financed his first feature where he produced, directed and starred in his own feature film “THE FILM STUDENT FILM” (available on APPLE movies.) He also creates long format films, directing national TV shows such as FOOD FACTORY USA, RYAN LONG IS CHALLENGED, and CROWN THE TOWN. Currently Hayden is writing a variety of feature films and directing commercials for the likes of Pepsi, NHL, Lexus, and Marvel.

Program: On the Edge – VAEFF 2020

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