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Toe Hoes

Director: Kat Toledo

Synopsis: A young chonga in Miami stands up to the baddest girl gang at her high school, setting off a dangerous chain of events – all told with characters portrayed as talking feet, given personality with toenails, jewelry, tiny bandanas, etc. “Toe Hoes,” directed by Kat Toledo, is inventive and strange, a tour through the life of Yahaira, a 16 year old Salvadoran girl living with her grandma. When ‘the crazy girl crew’ at school starts some shit over a new girl in town, Yahaira comes to her defense and gets a new friend. But it leads to an after-school incident at a juice shop sending Yahaira on a subconscious odyssey. The film is set apart by its bold concept and world-building via miniature props and sets, and colored in with vibrant characterizations and edgy humor.

Bio: Kat Toledo is a Colombian American filmmaker and performance artist based in Los Angeles.

Program: Beauty, Sex & Shame – VAEFF 2020

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